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Say Hello to Autopilot

Captini Autopilot makes the dream of sending the right message, to the right customer, at the right time, a reality. By combining customer profile and behavioural information collected via your Social WiFi service, we can automate the sending of highly targeted emails that not only increase customer engagement but actually get them back through the door.

Awesome email made easy

Drag & Drop Simplicity

Included within Captini is a fully responsive email designer that lets you easily create and send professional looking emails in minutes. You can choose to use one of our expertly-crafted hospitality templates or start from scratch and let your creativity run wild.

Unlimited Templates

Build as many email templates as you like and seamlessly link them to your Autopilot triggers for maximum impact.

Seamless Integrated

The Captini email builder is seamlessly integrated to the best third-party services you already use:



The right message at the right time



By leveraging the latest sales funnel technologies and combining this with customer profile and behavioural information collected via your SocialWiFi service.

Captini is able to create totally unique marketing journeys that are designed to surprise and delight your customers which is turn builds loyalty and increases their chances of returning.

Captini automatically sends personalised messages when the customers visit history match a pre-set criteria such as a repeat customer who has visited X times or lost customer who's visit pattern has stopped.

First Visit


Repeat Visit


Lost Customer



Put your marketing on autopilot

Set and forget

Autopilot is designed to run automatically to help you get more customers more often.

Auto Social Promotion

All emails sent using autopilot automatically include links to your businesses social media pages.

Track Success in Real-Time

Instantly see the triggers that drive the most amount of repeat business.

Discover your walk-in rate

Emails sent using Autopilot close the gap between online and offline we report open rates and click throughs but more important we show you who walked through the door. Discover your walk-in rate.

Drag & Drop Editor

Creating professional looking emails has never been easier. Email content automatically adapts to the screen size of you customers device so your email always look great.

Unlimited Offers & Coupons

Quickly create offers & coupons and easily track usage and redemption.

Ensure the right message makes it to their inbox and start influencing your customers to visit more often.